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The Fallows will bring tears to your eyes for all time!
Aaron Ross
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The Movement

"In a spiritual adventure the man inspires not only the gods but also the people of the earth to save the world from global warming, war, famine, disease, and abuse."
​"The Fallows inspires us to end wars, so that the men and women who fight for their countries can be home with their loved ones, rather than being separated from them forever."
​There has never been a better book than The Fallows to inspire our love lives and out everyday movements to move mountains in a way that will change the world with each and every moment that we learn to heal the earth together; for a new world to take place knowing Aaron Ross wrote The Fallows to inspire the nations of the world to heal the earth with each and every moment that brings love and life to the world.

The movement is about inspiring the world for love through a story that will change the world through the love between a man and a woman. For that is what The Fallows brings to heal the earth through our love for one man and one woman. This is the love that we share all over the earth and this is the love that we will have all the way to the heavens, and we know in our hearts that true love for a man and that true love for a woman can Inspire the world to transform the power of our lives all around the world.

Aaron prays that The Fallows will be brought to the television screen to inspire the nations of the world all over the earth with the living love story The Fallows to bring forth a new day to speak out for the people who suffer all over the world from the past pains and sufferings from the wars that have our people, from people taking people’s resources, to losing the lands that they love, from the Opium Wars, to the Mayans losing their temples, the Indians losing their land, all the way to Israel losing their land to the German people. The Fallows was written to inspire world change to heal the earth of pain and suffering for the words of The Fallows that bring tears to our eyes to create a catharsis wear the people are able to heal throughout the whole world.